Bubbles Creations

Provide the best creative solutions


In our past projects, Bubbles Creations has worked with international hospitality provides such as Marriott and Hyatt, as well as leading F&B partners in the territory. Through these partnerships, we are able to provide our clients wide range of choices catering to the scale and needs of corporate events. From our strong relationship with their services providers, we are able to tailor-made value-for-money proposals based on client’s budget. Given our close relationship with these vendors, we provide seamless event execution between all the different vendors. 


We are specialized in corporate, press and public events catering to clients in the financial field as well as corporate meetings targeting C-suite executives and high-level government officials. Our high standard of professionalism also offers you extra assurance in safeguarding the privacy of your event. With our dedicated manpower and resources, we are able to deliver tailor-made large scale events such as launch events, international conferences, annual dinner, public shows and dancing party for clients such as Bentley launching and CITICPE AGM. Our mission is to support our clients in delivering a unique and memorable corporate event.


Our strength lies in our strong network of partners in the delivering top quality audio and visual experience, compelling brand exposure through on-site event materials, participant registration and tracking, translation and interpretation services etc.,


Thanks to our extensive portfolio of events organized to date, we have close connection with hospitality partners such as Four Seasons, JW Marriot and Hyatt. In addition, we have also built close partnership with F&B provider catering to the sophisticated needs of our high-end clients.