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Company Overview

11 Years of Excellence
Founded in Hong Kong in 2008, Bubbles Creations is established to cater the need of the business community in Hong Kong for a one-stop solution for the development, planning and execution of large scale and world class events. With our vast network of professional partners, we help our client realize their vision into an executable idea through creativity and calculated logistics that eventually turn events into unmatched experiences. From our humble beginning, we have served over 20 blue chip international clients ranging from BPEA to CITICPE with a total of 200 events organized for over 8,000 participants.

General Area of Business Focus

Sharp Business Focus in Delivery World Class Events 
As a consultancy and event expert, our creative and management professionals at Bubbles Creations offer first class client service and one-of-its-kind creative solution to the needs of our clients. We deliver award-winning event designs together with seamless on-ground management and help our clients build their events from scratch.

Consultancy: we offer strategic counsel to clients in early stages of their event planning such as offering suggestions in event themes, venues, and adoption of related Event Technology
(Events planning, Venue, Event Technology consultation)

Event production: working closely with our clients, we help them realize their creative visions and create brand presence through stage design and arrange audio and visual supports. We also look after creative elements within the venue to create an impactful brand exposure
(Stage & AV design, venue design)

Creative Development: we help clients streamline the process of creative development by offering our professional advice in the use of branding, thematic and conceptual elements and SEO marketing in the design of event materials
(Branding, Theme, concepts and SEO Mkt)

Event execution and management: with our depth of experience and expertise, our professionals provide clients with on-site support as well as guest management and respective safety and security arrangement for general guests and VVIPs
(Professional event team and on site support, safety & security, ingress management )

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