5G, after years of promise and discussion, has finally come to the UK.

The new technology promises network speeds many times faster than those with existing 4G connections. And that ability could transform the way people use their phones, according to its evangelists, who argue that it will make it possible to download content in an instant and facilitate whole new ways of using networks.

But all of that promise has been mere speculation before EE switched on the super-fast network from today. Now it has become the first to offer it, though other networks are expected to do so soon.

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Still, there are a whole host of limitations on whether you’ll actually be able to use it. You’ll have to buy a new phone, pay up for a new contract – and it still might not actually be available where you are.

(Some carriers in the US have got around this by claiming they are offering 4.5G and showing 5G network indicators in the corner of phones’ screens, despite the fact it is not really 5G. This isn’t happening in the UK, at least yet, so if it is showing then it should also be working.)