20 top graphic design trends for 2020

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01. Intensifying minimalism

Flat illustration of a cartoon dog

The Cats & Dogs weather app shows a typical example of the rising trend for flat minimalism (Image credit: Cats and Dogs Weather App)

In the latter half of the 2010s, we’ve seen minimalist, flat design dominate the world of digital. And the designers at Grady Britton believe the trend is only going to intensify as we enter the 2020s. “In line with marketing’s ongoing quest for transparency and honesty, design will continue to strip away extra flair and embellishment and move toward a much simpler, straightforward presentation,” says group creative director Brian Dixon. “It may even veer into intentionally unfinished at times, as believability is the priority.”

02. Abstract 3D and vibrant colours

Poster for The Tide by Droga5 incorporating abstract 3D forms

Poster for The Tide by Droga5 (Image credit: Visuals for The Tide by Droga5)

Perhaps as a backlash against the popularity of flat minimalism, we’ve seen abstract 3D forms coming into their own over the last year. “Software updates that have democratised 3D render technology are helping drive this trend,” notes Tamryn Kerr, associate creative director at VMLY&R. “The stunning work produced for the Greenwich Peninsula Festival by Droga5 is a great example, both on the posters and animated for digital. Like watching a well-designed lava lamp, a mesmerising bubble shape moves elegantly across the screen, instantly catching your attention and drawing you into the information piece.”



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